Educators Painted the Towns Red for Public Ed

Date Posted: 
Friday, September 18, 2015
All across Long Island, our downtown sidewalks were ablaze in a sea of red as union educators, concerned parents and students "Painted the Town Red for Public Ed" on Thursday September 17th. The goal of this initiative was to remind residents of the dangers of privatizing our public schools and to refocus our communities' efforts in educating our children and giving parents, schools, and of course our teachers the tools they need to succeed. 
Pictured here are nearly 140 teachers from the very active Amityville Teachers’ Association (ATA) who “Wore Red For Public Ed” in support of the message throughout the day. It was a fun day for all! 
Trustees Carolyn Dodd and Kathleen Corbett joined the action as did Superintendent Dr. Kelly, who also carried an ATA sign in support. Building Principals Ed Plaia and Pauline Collins joined in, as well. 
Nice work to the Amityville school community and to parents and teachers all across Long Island for taking part. Our efforts were definitely noticed!