Trump's Pick for Education Secretary Draws Widespread Criticism

Date Posted: 
Monday, December 19, 2016
There is no denying the tangible anxiety amongst many Americans over the election of Donald Trump.  Nowhere is that anxiety more strongly felt than in the area of public education. 
On November 23, the President-Elect's transition team announced Mr. Trump's intention to nominate billionaire, school privatization advocate, Betsy DeVos, for the position of Secretary of Education. 
After a 14-month long campaign during which Mr. Trump said little to nothing regarding his policy, the nomination of DeVos gives Americans the best insight yet into what the President-Elect plans to do regarding public education.
If Mrs. DeVos has her way, millions of federal and state tax dollars will be stripped away from public schools to support private schools that have no accountability to the people who are funding them.
"The President-Elect, in his selection of
Betsy DeVos, has chosen the most ideological,
anti-public education nominee put forward since
President Carter created a cabinet-level
Department of Education."
Randi Weingarten, President of American Federation of Teachers
The most obvious criticism of Mrs. DeVos' nomination is her lack of qualification for the job.  Mrs. DeVos has never taught a day in either a public or private school and has never served as an administrator or as a member of a Board of Education in a public or private school.  She does not possess a college degree in education, nor does she have any training or professional expertise in education whatsoever.  In addition, Mrs. DeVos cannot hold claim to any experience as a parent of children who attended public schools.  Her own children attended private Christian schools.