Exercise Your Right to Vote!

Exercise Your Right to Vote!

Date Posted: 
Thursday, October 29, 2015

“Teaching Children Civic Responsibility is what we do as educators. Hi this is Joan Deem from Long Island Teachers.org reminding you that this Tuesday, November 3rd is Election Day. Many before us have sacrificed for our right to have a voice in our democracy, so honor them by going to the polls. No matter how you vote, it’s your right so don’t take it for granted. Polls open 6 am to 9 pm. Long Island Teachers.org – Teacher Leaders in the Community.”

As Educators we must make our collective voice heard at the polls!

Even though this year’s elections are for local County, Town and City offices, it is very important for all teachers and their families to get out and vote.  Our neighbors in the community are looking for union educators to come out and vote their values.  If you are unsure who to cast your ballot for, feel free to review the list of candidates that the Nassau and Suffolk Community College Faculty Associations are supporting. Thank you for all the work you do and for reinforcing the civic value of community, democracy and responsibility both in out of the classroom.


Nassau County Legislators

Suffolk County Legislators

District 1: Kevan Abrahams
District 2: Siela Bynoe
District 3: Carrie Solages
District 4: Denise Ford
District 5: Laura Curran
District 6: TBD
District 7: Howard Kopel
District 8: Vincent Muscarella
District 9: Richard Nicolello
District 10: Ellen Birnbaum
District 11: Delia DeRiggi-Whiton
District 12: James Kennedy
District 13: Norma Gonsalves
District 14: Laura Schaefer
District 15: Dennis Dunne Sr.
District 16: Judith Jacobs
District 17: Rose Walker
District 18: Donald MacKensie
District 1: Al Krupski
District 2: Bridget Fleming
District 3: Kate Browning
District 4: Thomas Muratore
District 5: Kara Hahn
District 6: Sarah Anker
District 7: Rob Calarco
District 8: Bill Lindsay
District 9: Monica Martinez
District 10: Thomas Cilmi
District 11: Thomas Barraga
District 12: Leslie Kennedy
District 13: Robert Trotta
District 14: Kevin McCaffrey
District 15: DuWayne Gregory
District 16: Steve Stern
District 17: Lou D’Amaro
District 18: William Spencer


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